Fredrik and Irasema 2011 married El Paso Texas

My name is Fredrik and I'm 31 years old. I'm a selfeducated web developer from Sweden and married to the most beautiful woman in the whole universe. We are vegans and live near Stockholm with our two wonderful dogs. Sometimes we take long walks in the woods and sometimes I run with them.

Apollo and Yuki

I'm a fan of animals, nature and thunderstorms. I'm very spontaneous and people think I'm nice and funny. I just go with treating people as I want to be treated myself. Besides everything I like, I hate a few things too. The short list would be war, borders, inequality, disrespect, stress and everything complicated.

Jurassic park (1), the matrix, the fifth element, armageddon, i robot, a knights tale, ace ventura (nature calls), the martian, school of rock, the rocker, real steel, shaolin soccer, harry potter, cast away, braveheart, titanic, avatar, one flew over the cuckoo's nest, gladiator, the intouchables, independence day, 2012, edge of tomorrow, jurassic world, the hunger games, passangers, hook, the shawshank redemption, the last samurai, face off, rush hour, lets be cops, the negotiator, equilibrium, the notebook, sully, the terminal, liar liar, the rocky horror picture show, kamikaze girls, twilight, in time, die hard, lethal weapon, I'm legend, the road within, limitless, hitch, letters to juliet, transporter, crank, blitz, interstellar, karate kid (old), indiana jones, six days seven nights, the pick of destiny, 200 pounds of beauty, for a few dollars more, the good the bad the ugly, trinity, hair, fight club, kung fu shuffle, star wars (old), kill bill, forest gump, lion, gone in 60 seconds, django unchained, a night at the roxbury, the rock, conair, finding neverland, this is the end, what dreams may come, lord of the rings, the gods must be crazy, funny people, the emperors new groove, shrek, ice age and a lot of disneymovies.

Except for anime I like the series walking dead, breaking bad, game of thrones, vikings, suits, that 70's show, big bang theory, spartacus, two and a half men, seinfield, dog whisperer with cesar millan, face-off, lost, project runway, dragons den, friends, dexter, smallville and prince of bellair. I also like interesting science-programs about universe, nature, history, engineering and animals.

Ready player one, Harry Potter, Eragon, Game of Thrones, Ondskan.

Queen, beatles, creedence, deep purple, muse, sia, rolling stones, jimi hendrix and lady gaga. I also like disco base, house, trance, reggae and classical music.

Counter-strike source, age of empires, pharao, railraod tycoon 3, heroes III of might and magic, stronghold kingdoms, lineage II, battlefield vietnam, worms, the movies, pontifex II, banished.

Mariokart, zelda, super mario.

Nintendo 64
Zelda ocarina of time, diddy kong racing, super mario, marioparty.

Playstation 2
Kingdom hearts, guitar hero, ssx snowboarding, need for speed underground, singstar